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The Path (2019). Developer: Ritchee Games. Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux. The Path is a narrative-driven platformer which often mixes open world exploration with puzzles as well as stealth elements. In case you love video games like Gone Home and The Last of Us, then this is the game for you. To the Moon (2020). Developer: Artefacts Studio. To The Moon is an indie space exploration simulator with 4X elements. The objective of the game is establishing a space station as well as make it through.

You are going to have to colonise and terraform the moon. Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighter which incorporates a roster of characters from popular anime series, like Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. Players are able to battle it out in an assortment of many different modes, 2v2, including 1v1, as well as free-for-all. Another thing to mention is that not all of these activities are on Steam. But, they actually do all have some degree of exposure on the Steam sector, in that they've been played there, and in case they do not have their very own site, at minimum someone is able to buy them through Steam.

Let's go through these activities. The field of is a playground for indie game developers to showcase the creativity of theirs as well as push the boundaries of game design. With a plethora of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, this particular platform provides a different and enriching gaming experience. Whether psychological narratives are sought by you, innovative gameplay mechanics, or stunning visual artistry, has something for everyone.

Explore the most notable games talked about on this page and dive into a world of indie gaming which will captivate and also motivate you. Embrace the splendor of the unconventional and find out the secret of itch. Trench (2019). Developer: Trench Games. Trench is a deep psychological horror game where player controls a detective in a procedurally generated world. You'll be investigating crimes, searching for clues, in addition to fighting against your own personal brain.

Tiers of Fear (2017). Developer: Colossal Order. Levels of Fear is a horror game where you can need to resolve a number of puzzles in order to stop a mansion. You are going to need to get around the mansion to achieve a safe space. As soon as there, you can solve puzzles to be able to progress. Death's Breath (2019). Developer: Kazeon Studio. Death's Breath is a top down shooter in which you control a space marine against hordes of enemy aliens.

The game has a good deal of puzzles and foes that will induce you to change the tactics of yours. The Forest (2019). Developer: Nendo. The Forest is an unknown adventure game in which you manage the protagonist as he explores a forest full of secret creatures. Sky which is dark (2018). Developer: Zeboyd Games. Sky that is dark is a first-person game in which you have fun with a blind character who need to look into an abandoned town.

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