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BOAO Packaging CO. Ltd.

BOAO Packaging CO. Ltd.

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 BOAO - PACKAGING was founded in 2015. Since then, in the field of cake decoration packaging, having a very powerful production unit, featuring modern technical equipment, out- standing research and development department, and well-trained staff The factory produces cake boards, cake box, food container, cupcake stands & decorations, and various packaging materials. In addition, the company develop a wide variety of other food packing to meet all the needs of its customers. 


 We are very strict about ensuring that our cake decoration packaging meet the Food Safety standards set by FDA and LFGB. When you are using our products, you can be assured that you will have nothing to worry about at all. 


 We only use environmentally sustainable materials that are recyclable, ensuring that maximum energy will be recovered to reduce greenhouse gases. This is one of our biggest values and we abide by it using our products, Being our customer, you'll be doing your part in protecting our environment and its climate. 


Is to continuously offer our customers high quality products, that would leave them completely satisfied; To offer only the most competitive prices, without compromising on quality. OUR VISION: is to achieve to make the name of BOAO-PACK, as well as our cake decoration packaging, to travel in every continent of the world and be recognized by the professionals of the industry.  

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