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  • mars 3, 2024

YouTube & Merchandising Logo Design

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Le Vanillier


Ancient Biker I am launching / re-launching a YouTube channel named Ancient Biker which will ultimately be a long distance motorbike travel and touring channel. I need a simple and easily recognizable logo to reflect the name of the channel and potentially be used as a future clothing brand (or merchandising) logo for motorcycle clothing and accessories. Obviously the logo might be a stylised use of the letters A B or incorporate something motorcycle-related such as a spoked motorcycle wheel. The logo will need to be fairly minimalist if it is to be printed or stitched onto clothing. I will also use the logo to brand my website www.ancientbiker.com I would like to find an experienced graphic designer who can relate to this theme and, preferably, has some experience with YouTube logos and / or motorcycling. I do not believe that creating this logo will require more than a few hours or a couple of days.
Le Vanillier

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